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Feature Description


Direct Connect

Call recipients can be connected to a transfer number by pressing "0" at any time during message playback.


Missed Call - Call Back

If recipient misses the phone call, they can call back the missed call number and the message intended for them will replay.



Message will record to voicemail (note entire message may not fit in the voicemail box depending on provider and message length).



AMI can host a webpage for the client’s recipients to replay at any time over the Internet.



In the event of a busy signal or no answer, AMI will retry the phone number three times in order to reach recipient.


Call History Dashboard

Client can view all call history statistics, including who answered the call, which calls went to voicemail, who didn’t answer, who connected directly, and how long it took to reach everyone. Log in to view your metrics on the AMI site and/or have them emailed to you after the last call is completed.


Pre-recorded intro/outro

Client can create a customized intro/outro message to be attached to the front or back of their main message.

Manual only

List Management

Client can manage/edit/add to his own list via their password-protected AMI site.


Create Multiple Lists

Client can create multiple lists and send a message to a particular list by entering the correlating list ID number.


Upload/Enter Contacts

Contacts can upload contact lists via CSV file or enter them in manually.


Text Messaging

Clients can send text messages to any list by typing into a text box inside the AMI member page. (The maximum number of characters is 160 characters.)


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